Mackeeper Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Describing Mackeeper is easy - it’s literally useful for just about every task there is! Sometimes it feels like you have no control over your Mac, however with Mackeeper and its amazing range of tools you actually feel like you’re in complete control over every little thing that it does.

If you mistakenly erase a document then that’s no problem for for this program. Not only is it one of the best anti-virus softwares on the market for the Mac, but it can recover deleted documents, clean your Mac, and perform a list of tasks like no other program we have come across either on the Mac or on a Windows PC.

Being a Windows PC user for more than 10 years we found it strange when our boss said that the new operating system was to be an Apple Mac. As you would expect it took some time to get used to having new features and not having others. All in all I would say that even six months after beginning to work on the Mac I still felt that there was something lacking. After doing some digging online, it came down to a choice between two programs.. Clean my Mac and Mackeeper.

I won’t go into too much detail on clean my Mac here, but you can take my word that Mackeeper won hands down easily. Our boss is a bit tight with the purse strings as most bosses are, but I convinced him to take a chance on the program and the rest is history.

What had been lacking now was there in abundance, with added features including disk cleanup, document recovery, shredder and even support for any malfunctions on our computers now just a click away with Geek On Demand.

Whereas our old Windows operating systems eventually slow down and clogged up with numerous amounts of junk documents and leftover files, Mackeeper allows our latest set up to seamlessly run as if it were still a brand-new system. I can’t even begin to describe how frustrating the constant lag between performing operations was on our old Windows 7 computers. Of course we are not dummies either, we ran just about every cleanup programme there was in order to speed them up including C cleaner, Revo uninstaller and others, but nothing seemed to get it back to its original state as when we first purchase them.

So is Mackeeper worth it? In our opinion yes! It’s a one click solution to almost every area that the standard Mac was and still is lacking in. I could literally speak about it all day but really you just have to try is to understand.

If you are willing to take a punt on what could be one of the best purchases you’ve made of late, then luckily for you I’m here to tell our readers of a recent discovery that we came across.

Did you know that you can actually get an additional 20% discount off the price of Mackeeper? No? Well we didn’t either until it was too late and we already had purchased the program, however if you head on over to Google and search for Encouponcode, you will see that you can indeed get this discount on what is already a discounted price than what they were advertising less than a year ago when we paid full price for its services. And even though we paid (or my boss paid more like) full price, you certainly don’t hear any complaints from me or any of the other staff in the office!

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