Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit Reviewed

The new waterproof D1 hybrid drysuit redefines waterproof diving, and for those who are used to using wetsuits you are in for a great surprise. It is the world’s first insulated constant volume drysuit. What makes this waterproof garment so unique is the patented mesh material that is used in this suit’s tri-laminate shell.

Much like how a bed mattress is designed, the waterproof D1 hybrid drysuit’s mesh material comes complete with two outer layers separated by coiled nylon springs. By setting up the material in this way it offers the advantages of giving the diver extra warmth from the cold exterior water by keeping the drysuit away from the body with the help of the mesh material.

Besides keeping the cold water away from the body, since the mesh also allows air to flow through it, it also creates an excellent of installation which helps with the buoyancy of the suit as well as ventilation.

Any moisture condensation that may develop inside the suit as a result of sweating or mistaken intake of water is allowed to evaporate through the mesh without the mesh allowing any exterior water to penetrate. This feature alone will ensure that you remain warm and dry in all circumstances.

Exterior water pressure is evenly distributed across the drysuit as the mesh works to its full advantage. The manufacturers are so confident in their design that they claim that you do not even need to wear any undergarments since the drysuit itself is guaranteed to keep you warm even in the coldest temperatures. With that being said, they do state that wearing a light fleece underneath can significantly increase your body’s core temperature in subzero water temperatures.

The waterproof D1 hybrid drysuit’s outer shell is made of tri-laminate material and is designed to enable you to move freely in the arms, legs and neck area. Just in case you are worried about any heat escaping through conduction, a chill guard has also been installed to prevent this from happening.

If you have worn any other drysuit in the past you may have noticed that they seem to constantly fall down a new matter what you do. The D1 hybrid drysuit combats this with the help of integrated suspenders which are attached to the shell and make sure that the suit stays exactly where it should.

One of the features that we enjoy most is the integrated silicone seals which are constructed of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, the material is 40% more stretch and resistance as compared to standard latex drysuit seals.

No longer will you have to use any powder or grease to slip your head, wrists and feet through your drysuit, since with their interior glideskin coating and the non-allergenic make up, even people who are allergic to latex can enjoy the comfort of being able to easily slip on and off their suit as they wish.

Using a patented ring seal system, the wrist and neck and arm seals are securely attached to the main body of the suit offering you the comfort of knowing that nothing is going to come apart under normal wear and tear.

For storage, the D1 hybrid comes complete with deep side pockets that are found on the side of the suit’s legs, and you can feel these with up to 1 litre of material.

Robust kneepads offer the protection you need as well as superior abrasive resistance against any sharp materials that you may encounter while using the drysuit near water. Anatomically cut boots made from Kevlar material give your feet and ankles the support they need to carry both you and the waterproof garment you will be wearing.

Finishing the design off with extra functionality are the dual elastic waistbands. One is designed for the front of the suit and the other for the back, while you will also find a polyurethane embossed seating area which helps you grip any seat that you may find yourself using.

As if that wasn’t enough, the D1 hybrid comes complete with at H157 hood, waterproof carrier bag and additional silicone seals in case you have any mishaps with the originals.

When all of these features are combined, the final result is that drysuit that stands out from the crowd in terms of its functionality and overall look and feel. The waterproof D1 hybrid is our choice of drysuit when it comes to anything water related.

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