The Best Bowling Ball To Use

For shooting “spares” the best bowling ball to use is the plastic arrow ball. The plastic ball is ideal since it doesn’t move in the lane and goals exactly where you wanted to go. It is designed in such a way through the cover stock and how the ball is made and the way you release the ball in a relaxed way with no rotation also affects the line it takes.

Our next favourite ball is the hydrometer reactive hornet which we found it works perfectly in dry lanes while still retaining all the friction and cover stock that is needed to give us the movement of the ball that we need to knock the pins down. Inside this ball is a very light core which is designed not to locate too much as any other angle other than straight. This helps the ball go nice and straight down the bowling alley on the way to hitting a hopeful “strike”. If you relax and take your time when taking a shot you can really see what this bowling ball can do for you.

As for medium bowling balls we like to use reactive type models since they seem to store the energy for just the right moment as they impact with the pins. Sometimes when the lanes are little bit oily you would be better off using this type of ball to hit your strike since it grips well to the slippery surface of the alley. The pin positions (or areas where you place your fingers and thumb) are positioned in such a way that when you flip the ball it will spin more than other models do while still retaining its tension with the slippery surface.

If the pin for the fingers is higher than where the thumb pain is then the ball will flip and spin easier than if they were below the thumb area. If you really want to hook your ball then you can use a special pad which you can rub on it and this gives it more attention on its surface area allowing it to spin more freely as it travels down the alley.

For oily lanes our black pearl ball is our favourite choice however since it is traction reactive - or in other words it really has a lot of traction as it makes its way towards the pin that you need to hit. The pin position for the fingers is neither up nor down when compared to the thumb position, in fact they are actually just off to the right. They have actually been installed and a 45 degree angle to give maximum flip and course on the ball.

Unless you are a real professional this may not make too much sense to you at the minute, but any decent bowling ball retailer will know all of this and be able to advise you on which ball you should purchase for your particular needs.

We should also point out that if you are planning on buffing up your ball with the help of the traction pad, then you must do this before the competition starts otherwise you may be disqualified.

There are also different gradients of pads to use depending on how much traction you wish to receive, so if you don’t know which one to use simply ask your nearest bowling ball seller and they will be able to advise you on the best bowling balls and also on which pads are best.

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