Should An Amber Teething Necklace Be Evenly Coloured?

You would be mistaken in believing that the Amber pieces that make up an amber teething necklace should all be the same colour. Actually genuine Baltic amber can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, with the range of colours being from bright white to almost pure black. There are other colours in between such as reds, beige and cream, but it doesn’t matter what colour your teething necklace has so long as it will help keep pain at bay.

Natural Baltic amber is derived from the resin or tree sap from the trees that produce it millions of years ago. Since it’s a natural product you can expect to be some unnatural deviations, especially in a product like this. When you think of trees sap or amber the film Jurassic Park might come to mind. Do you remember how the man found the mosquito within the tree sap that made recreating the dinosaurs possible? Well it’s this same tree sap that has hardened in time that is said to possess the succinic acid that acts in a way that is helpful for soothing pain in adults and children alike.

Did you notice how we said adults and children? That’s because although the main market for Amber teething necklaces is children who need an effective solution against the pain that they might be going through brought on by their teething, in actual fact anybody of any age can use amber in the same way.

An Amber teething necklace is supposed to be worn and not chewed on. People who have never heard of them before almost always supposed that this is the way they are to be used, but if you were to allow your child to chew on it you would be putting them at huge risk. The amber pieces are potential choking hazards and should never be placed anywhere near the mouth.

Even if the words to choke on any of the pieces, there is no scientific proof to say whether it is safe or not to have this near the mouth. Either way, the most effective way to wear them has shown that they should be worn in close contact to the skin so that the succinic acid and natural oils within the amber pieces can pass through to the body with ease. The added benefit of putting it on a child who is suffering from high-temperature rather on by the teething process is that a high-temperature is needed to heat the succinic acid so that it can begin to activate the process of passing through to the body.

Once the process has begun, the child will soon feel a lot calmer and less stressed about the situation that had been calling them so much pain. You too will feel a lot less stressed as your child won’t be crying and drooling or in general bad mood as they had been before. The effects actually amazing even if the science behind it can’t be proven.

Babies that are a little older or who have a little bit more width around the size of their neck will obviously need a slightly larger amber teething necklace than younger or less-developed infant. Eleven inch neck laces are suitable size for toddlers under six months, while any child over six months should probably go for a thirteen inch diameter necklace instead. This can vary from child to child, but you can measure the circumference of their neck for a rough estimate of the side that you will need just by using a piece of string and matching it up to ruler after.

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