Growing Marijuana Is So Easy

Growing marijuana is so easy that just about anybody in the world can do it so long as they are provided with the right instructions to begin with. Information on germinating cannabis seeds can easily be found online with a quick search on Google or any other search engine, and once you know how to do this stage the rest is pretty easy. The plant is a weed after all!

When your marijuana seeds have germinated and you have planted them in soil they will begin to move on to the vegetative stage of their life. However before this in order to know when they are leaving the seedling stage, you should look for signs of rapid foliage growth beginning and take this to be a sign that they are now entering a fast-growing process that will only slow down once the lighting that they are receiving switches to a 12 / 12 cycle or they have reached a full maturity and simply cannot grow any larger.

If you are growing marijuana seeds either indoors or outdoors, you will most likely have to give them some nutrients at some stage in their life. You will know when you’re cannabis plants need nutrients since their leaves will begin to tour and an off-colour brown / yellow, and will continue to get worse unless you give them the nitrogen or any other nutrients that they need. Don’t go spreading nutrients around your cannabis plants like there’s no tomorrow however since this will most likely do more harm than good. A good thing to keep in mind is that less is often more.

Since growing marijuana is so easy you will most likely find yourself with way too much to smoke so consuming it in a different manner can be attempting idea. But how do you consume it in a different manner? Well you could eat it for starters. Being an oil based resin, marijuana is ideal for cooking with, and although the cannabis seeds themselves cannot be eaten, the rest can be made into cannabis butter and many other substances which can then be added to food sources such as cakes, bread, and just about any other edible substance available.

When you add weed to any food like this you should be aware that when you eat it, it seems to take longer for the effects to hit you rather than had you just smoked it in a joint instead. The capitate glands the cover the marijuana plant’s leaves hold some highly prized THC which gets you “stoned” and as a result the leaves should not be thrown out or wasted, yet with that being said almost all of the THC is found within the main buds themselves.

Greenhouse seeds is one of our favourite marijuana seed banks online, and is a regular winner of the annual cannabis cup which is held in Amsterdam. One of our favourite strains is great white shark, which is across of white widow, thai, and in one another well known cannabis strain. These marijuana seeds are like no other that we have ever tried before, and pack a serious punch both in terms of THC, CBD, and the yield!

Last year we grew these outdoors, and even though we live in the Northern hemisphere they still managed to fully reach maturity by the end of October, where we have listed their dense THC laden buds and smoke them to are hearts content until the following year’s harvest was ready. This year we plan on using the same marijuana strain once again, only this time we planned on eating the cannabis by firstly turning it into cannabutter and applying it to any food that we wish to use it with.

One thing to point out is that last year when we grew our marijuana seeds outdoors, we got a little bit of mould in some of the bud and had to throw these mouldy bits out, costing us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost marijuana. This was as a result of poor ventilation and from not spacing our cannabis plant out enough after we had hung upside down to dry prior to harvesting. The plants were touching off each other during the drying process, and this allowed the moulds to quickly spread from one marijuana plant to another. We certainly won’t be letting this problem happen again, and neither should you!

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