Buying A Saddle For Your Horse

You should not even be thinking about buying a saddle for your horse unless you know how to correctly tack and tack down a horse in the first place.

So today we are going to explain exactly how to do this, and prepare you for placing a saddle on your horse.

Before you do only thing make sure that you have firstly rushed and groomed your horse and that they are actually in good health to go riding. The last thing you want to do is (a) take an injured horse house riding and (b) waste your time placing a saddle on your horse only to find out that he cannot function correctly with it on. Under no search services should you ever ride and injured horse.

Once you have checked that he is in good health and correctly groomed him you are ready to begin placing a saddle pad on their back. Since your saddle will always slide back you are going to want to put the saddle mat on a little bit higher than where it is needed to account for this. You should begin by placing about half of it over the horse’s while standing on the horse’s left-hand side and slide down a little bit until it reaches its withers area.

The saddle mat then goes on top of the pad to give your horse the extra support that if needs. When you have this in place you are now ready to place your English saddle on top of the pad and mat. With the stirrups rolled up, again from the left-hand side of the horse place their saddle on top of the already fixed mat and pad while ensuring that nothing is pinching the horse’s withers.

To fix the saddle pad and half bad to the actual saddle itself, you will notice that there are Velcro straps hanging from the outside of these. Take each of these and pass them to the two billets on the saddle, while taking the straps on the saddle and attaching it to the billets on each of the pads and repeat the process on the opposite side of the horse.

When this is complete you can then move on to the next stage of placing a saddle on your horse which involves attaching the girth to the saddle. The girth should be tight so that it fits your horse was also loose enough so that the horse has enough growing and movement room to feel comfortable on the ride. Since the girth’s length cannot be repositioned, you need to buy one with the thought in mind that your horse may put on a few extra pounds in the winter and lose some in the summer.

At the bottom of your square pad you will notice that there it is not a long piece of material and this is where your girth should be attached. Simply slide the girth through the nylon piece and attach it to the first and third billet straps only. Ideally you want to work your way up rather than simply pulling it up straight away. Again you will need to repeat this process on the other side. The best way of knowing that everything is lined of the correct that should be is that everything should be centred and in line with his heart girth. In other words the saddle should not be sitting way back and the heart girth way forward!

Even though you have already tightened the girth, you should always re-check to see that it is tight before setting out on your ride because horses tend to purposely loped themselves when you are placing the girth around their stomachs. Nobody knows why they do this but they breathe in a lot of air and can hold it for a considerable amount of time, so always remember after you have placed their saddle on your horse and that everything else is in place to check that the girth strap is as tight as can be.

Your saddle will always “give” a little bit when you put your full weight on it as you sit on it. By “give” we mean that it will always tend to slip a small little bit when you are actually sitting on the horse. This is okay and is to be expected, but anything more than an inch of “give” then you should know your saddle and straps have not been secured tightly enough and you should take the time to recheck everything is in place.

On the other hand if you get onto the horse and there is absolutely no “give” - not even an inch, and you can’t even get say one finger in between the horse and the girth strap then you obviously have tightened things too much. Just loosen each of them a small bit and if you need to loosen the more than you can do that after checking again. When you completely understand all of this buying a saddle for your horse is much easier since you know exactly what you are dealing with.

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